When Fashion has an artistic disposition

The question whether fashion is art is as old as the industry itself. With fashion entering the limelight of an increasing number of museum exhibitions and a multitude of artists now collaborating with luxury labels, the distinct line that once separated fashion and art is more blurred. Nonetheless, there are several fashion enthusiasts who insist on the strict separation of both fields.

According to reports of Los Angeles Times, Marc Jacobs is one of the designers advocating for this perspective: "Fashion to me is not art because it is only valid if it is lived in and worn. I make clothes and bags and shoes for people to use, not to put up on a wall and look at. I think clothes in a museum are complete death".  Personally, I disagree with Jacobs on this issue since fashion and art make a perfect team. And Gan Lenses would probably corroborate my viewpoint.

Lenses recently made a fashionable photoseries for Harper's Bazaar Singapore. His "Pop Art Fashion" captures model Joss in architectural silhouettes for fall in a slick pop art exhibition setting for the August cover story using clothes by Céline, Versace, Burberry Prorsrum, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Fendi and Chanel.


  1. I disagree with Marc Jacobs just as you do! I just need to think about all the marvellous exhibitions about fashion at the V&A (like Hollywood Costume at the moment) . The border between art and fashion is no longer existing and it's fabulous to see this clothes exhibited. They are not dead at all but full of life.

    Your blog is great and very interesting! You have a new follower for sure and I'm happy to have found you. Love, Sara xx

  2. Thanks for your approval. I totally agree with your arguments as well :) And thanks for you praise. It really encourages me when I see that my readers like what I am doing.

    xoxo Sabrina


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