The Style of Oktoberfest 2012

Living in Munich right now, there is no way to be spared from staggering men in lederhosen and well-endowed women wearing slinky dirndls. At the moment, the whole city undergoes a state of emergency in which beer and pretzel are basic food stuffs to survive the Oktoberfest. There is currently so much hustle and bustle, affected tradition and wanton mood that turns the state capital upside down. It's kind of disconcerting for strangers like me but I quickly started to adapt to my new surrounding. It's simply delightful how the whole town is topsy-turvy during these two weeks of excess and brass music.

As this is a fashion blog, I certainly dedicate this article to the Bavarian costumes. Not the way you might be thinking, but rather in a street style way as asos did it this week. They call upon their customers to send in their most creative Oktoberfest-look- and with a bit of luck you can win a voucher. To receive a first impression, they posted some outfits which I wanna share with all of you who cannot visit the wonderful Oktoberfest this year. And all the others: What is your favourite look for the world's greatest festival?

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  1. hey danke für dein kommentar musste gleich mal deinen blog durchstöbern und er gefällt mir auch sehr gut! folge dir :)


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