Desert fever with Free People

Oktoberfest has long been gone and it's been a while now that I am back in Cologne. But due to this whole enrollment stuff at university I wasn't yet able to provide you with updates. There's so much going on right now including researches for my seminar paper, investigations concerning my new article for the Financial Times and all these day-to-day lectures at university. But I try to avoid that everything outgrows though.

One of my strategies: procrastination. I know it's the wrong way but it buys me time and I get pushed for time at the end of the semester - which is good as I can work more efficient under time pressure. Nevertheless, there are some things which have to be done quickly -like my newspaper articles. But before I hurl myself into research I got a stylish tidbit for you. It's no secret that I have a predilection for Free People. I am stumped about how they manage it again and again that I am intrigued with their lookbooks. Like this time. The October Lookbook has absolutely turned out well thanks to photographer Thomas Wolfe Northcut. So I just can't help it but these pictures are a must.


  1. sehr inspirierend :) lg, die zwillinge von wmw style

  2. Vielen, vielen Dank! Das freut mich unglaublich :)

    Mir gefällt dein Design sehr gut :) Leider bin ich nicht so der Fashion-Blog Typ aber ich sehe mir deinen jetzt auf alle Fälle durch! :) Finde ich super, dass du auf Englisch bloggst :)


    1. Danke dir :) Ich hoffe dir gefallen die Artikel trotzdem, auch wenn du nicht so der Fashion-Blogger bist.

      Liebe Grüße ♥

  3. Richtig tolle Bilder, Die Strumpfhose oder Leggings auf dem 2.Bild ist hübsch :)

  4. wunderschöner Blog!!

    Ich mag deine Bilder sehr gern, die du immer postest!
    Ich finde die inspirieren mich auch ein bisschen :)

    Allerliebste Grüße♥

  5. Ich liebe das Outfit mit der Leggings!


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